Gramarye is the name of both the Plant and country. The Planet is the fifth from its G-type sun and the bulk of the planet is still set is a Carboniferous Era, save the island of Gramarye which has been Terraformed.

Romantic EmigresEdit

Gramarye was founded by the Romantic Emigres, a group of colonists who left Earth sometime before the PEST takeover. They were led by twelve rich men who spend their fortunes to buy a cruiser to carry themselves and the select few to find a new planet and live lives in a medaevil era. Unbeknownst to the Romatics many of the selected were gene carriers for telepathy and telekinesis, thus generations after its founding inhabitants began to features traits of "magic."

Because the Romantic's cruiser was self-owned the planet they set course for was never logged and they were lost from the known universe. Upon founding Gramarye the twelve individuals responsible for the journey took new names and became the first of the lords still present in Gramrye. By not teaching their children of technology all knowledge of advanced civilization was lost to the Gramarians. The only remnants of such knowledge is the Order of Saint Vidicon who preserved such knowledge within the confinds of their monestary.


Little is known of Gramarye after is founding. It is assumed their were times of both peace and war between the lords with the Monarchy and the Church acting as governing bodies. As well a local fungi known as Witch's Moss coupled with the telepathy of certain individuals gave rise to all manor of mythical creature. the DDT didn't begin recording the history of Gramarye until Rod's discovery of the planet.