The "Rogue Wizard" series was started back in 1993 by the book A Wizard in Absentia that was orignially apart of "The Warlock's Heirs" series. It details the adventures of Rod Gallowglass's eldest son Magnus after he leaves Gramarye in Warlock and Son.


A Wizard in Absentia picks up right after Warlock and Son left off: with a restless Magnus Gallowglass (aka. Magnus d'Armand) leaving Gramarye in hopes of broadening his horizons across the universe. From there he ends up planet hopping hoping to find true love and helping backwards planets find peace and progress.


A Wizard in Absentia (1993)

A Wizard in Mind (1995)

A Wizard in Bedlam (1979)

A Wizard in War (1995)

A Wizard in Peace (1996)

A Wizard in Chaos (1997)

A Wizard in Midgard (1998)

A Wizard and a Warlord (2000)

A Wizard in the Way (2000)

A Wizard in a Feud (2001)

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